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NEW Residential Sites

Although it is cool weather for the month of May here in Fresno, it is quite ideal for working out in construction. Today, I decided to venture onto some of our newly developed work sites. Located in the South East Clovis/Fresno area. What was once acres and acres of orchards and empty land, now spans the scene of thousands of tract homes and that is no exaggeration! Today's photographed on-site residential Builder is Wilson Homes. This particular location being featured is off the streets Ashlan and Leonard. This area has views of the Sierra Mountains and is literally walking distance from Reagan Educational Center. The new site will create over 230 homes and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I took some photos of what the building process begins as- which is a bit off road terrain driving, three models our company cleaned out, and the residential work site- at the present moment. It's truly a wonderful feeling being an indirect part of people's hopes and dreams, which is why being a part of the residential building process is unique and wonderful.

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