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Eco-friendly Home Cleaning Kit

This week's blog includes a cleaning kit using gentle cleaning ingredients. You can find at the ingredients and supplies at your supermarket. I've provided recipes for glass, tile, disinfectant, and general purpose.

The following items are greatly recommended to include in your kit.

  • Sponges | Scotch-Brite non-scratch scrub sponges. These work well and can be machine washed many times.

  • Microfibre cloths | Zwipes microfiber cleaning cloths. These clothes grab dust easily.

  • Polishing Clothes | Microfiber cleaning cloths. These safely remove grease, grime, and dust from screens: tv, lap top, mobile phone etc.

  • Magic eraser | Mr. Clean magic eraser cleaning pads. These often work when nothing else will, always try other options first as these disintegrate fast.

  • Rubber gloves (2 pairs) | Heavy duty lined rubber gloves (for toilets only) | Lined rubber gloves (for all other cleaning)

  • Tooth brush | For scrubbing hard to reach areas

  • Knife | for scraping gunk

  • Mop and bucket | Vileda Pro mop | quick wring bucket | Vileda mop head refill.They may look goofy, but really grab dirt.

  • Vacuum

  • Basket | If you find items that belong in other rooms while you are cleaning, just gather them in a bucket and put them away later.

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