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Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

If left to pile up, cleaning tasks can be overwhelming. So here are 9 ways to make cleaning easier in the New Year.

  1. Manage the mail. Even in our e-mail age, most people still get plenty of snail mail. Open it over a wastebasket or recycle bin so that anything unwanted quickly disappears.

  2. Roll back the bed. Replace fussy bedspreads with a duvet and duvet cover. The duvet itself makes bed-making easier. For cleaning, just pop off the cover and launder. It’s faster and easier than washing a bulky comforter.

  3. “Sweep” the house nightly. Just before bedtime, do a walk-through. Put newspapers in the recycle bin, toss out the junk mail, put dishes in the dishwasher, hang up coats, sweaters, towels, etc. and put away anything that wandered out during the day.

  4. Remove shower scum as you go. A daily shower cleaner will keep shower and tub surfaces free of soap scum, mildew stains and hard-water deposits. Enlist everyone in the household to mist the surfaces immediately after they shower, while the walls are still wet and warm.Double up. A full set of cleaning supplies on each floor of the home keeps them in easy reach for spot cleaning.

  5. Baskets for all. Be sure there’s a wastebasket in every room. Empty them as part of your nightly sweep.

  6. Tote ’em. Keep cleaning supplies in a plastic carry caddy so they’re easy to tote from room to room.

  7. Invest in some baskets. Baskets in varying sizes are great repositories for toys, magazines, keys, remote controls, unopened mail and other everyday items that tend to take over countertops and tabletops.

  8. Vacuum on the run. A small, hand-held cordless vacuum makes quick pickup a snap. Consider multiples – one in the basement, one in the garage, one on each floor in the house.

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